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Hi all, for those of you I haven’t seen over the summer or for those who don’t follow us on Facebook, here’s a short update:


We’ve had a busy summer making appearances both on and off the track.  The Challenger has been running real well and consistent in the 9.8’s and is a real show stopper.  In August, the mega Mopar Action series made a stop at our local racetrack where I decided to enter and see if I could compete with it.  Well I ended up winning the Challenger shootout, running a 9.981 on a 9.98 dial.  See this link for the write up.  We also had some friendly competition when the Saskatoon Police Service brought their 2006 Caprice out to Edmonton for a weekend.  A couple weeks later, we traveled to Saskatoon and showed off our cars at their track.


The Mustang is running better, turning a 11.88 on street tires.  Thanks to Chris at CCMR for the tuning and once we can get traction with slicks, the times should improve.  The Duster is still running great with consistent 10.0’s times.  We have had several requests for passengers to ride in one of our cars which is always great to promote the sport and program.


The weather is still holding out nicely so I hope to get out to the track a couple more time in September before everything gets put away for the winter.


For photos and videos, check out our Facebook page under Blue Line Racing Association


Take care.

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