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Sorry it has taken me a while to update you on our experience at Mopars at the strip,
As usual it was a great opportunity to meet with other Law Enforcement Programs / Education based race teams that are all promoting the same message!
 photo Enlarge 012_zpsyuhbhqex.jpg

Big thanks again to Scott Graham of LASD Motorsports ( )
and Andy Lewis of F.I.R.E. – Las Vegas Fire Department ( ) for organizing the race.

 photo Enlarge 008_zps7ttujew3.jpg

 photo Enlarge 006_zps71rgxjxs.jpg

A few of the other teams that were out for the race:

 photo Enlarge 028_zpsb79rb2po.jpg

 photo Enlarge 029_zps71voawss.jpg

 photo Enlarge 031_zpsrxzzbgcc.jpg

I wish I could say we rocked it there, but a couple of red lights and mis-dial cause all three cars to go out in the first round. Such is life… We got a whole bunch of track time and exposure:

 photo Enlarge 038_zpscurlozaa.jpg

 photo Enlarge 015_zpsa2csa2sq.jpg

Mike and Terry even got some air time with Steve Magnante:

We event took the time to take some team photos, I just wish we could have got some palm trees in the background!

 photo Enlarge 046_zpsnl9zoctr.jpg

Thanks again to August at Edelbrock for the support!

 photo Enlarge 048_zps3chm1ujl.jpg

All and we had a great time, and got some great exposure for our program and sponsors.

Mike did a video, feel free to check it out and like us on our Facebook page.

– Keane

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