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BLR has been keeping busy since our return from Mopars at the Strip. We have since started a Chumpcar project (Stay tuned, we will post photos and details soon!), and have made a few appearances.

On May 2nd 2015 we attended the UC season opener along with the 780tuners crowd. This was a huge event and it was great get out with community. It is amazing the volume of cars that made it out even in spite of the weather!

image1UC Season Opener


Also, check out the video one of the 780 members made:

On May 6, 2015 Mike and I attended a shop class at Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton, The kids were great to talk to and interact with. They were very receptive of the program and asked a lot of questions. We also handed out a few passes for Castrol Raceway for the Friday Night Street Legals.


Lastly, today, May 08, 2015 I just picked up the Tiburon from Cowan. They were kind enough to update the graphics on the Tiburon. Great Job Cowan, and thanks for the continued support!


-BLOCKER (Keane)


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