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Hi all,
Well we are near the end of summer so I should give you all an update on what we’ve been up to.  This year has certainly been busy with unexpected surprises.

We were proud to display the new wrap on the truck and trailer (donated by EM Plastics, Arlon, and Fleet FX) as we rolled down the highway to our events. We received “thumbs up” from passing motorists and complements at every stop.  This has really raised the level of professionalism for the team and we conducted a few media interviews (see attached link)

We decided to make a “slight change” to the Duster by adding an Edelbrock Nitrous kit but I had no idea that this was going to be a season long challenge of tweaking and fixing…for example: the old fuel system was completely replaced with a new Aeromotive one, then the 16 year old Crane ignition finally quit working and needed a new one (but not after several hours of diagnosing).  Then I learned about nitrous bottles and how to properly fill them so to get a full run.  Once I got everything set just right, the Duster ran a 9.34 at 140mph with a  nice wheel stand for the crowd.  This lasted for 2 weekends until the 18 year old rear gears lost a few teeth from the added power.  So out came the rear end and a new set of gears is going in.  A new data logging system, donated by AEM,  is also being installed so that each run can be monitored more carefully and this will again be a new learning experience for me.

Picture1 Picture2

The surprises didn’t end with the Duster…At one Street Legal event, the Tiburon blew up the clutch and had to get towed back.  Thanks to Centerforce and Fidanza we had the car back up and mobile in a couple of weeks and ready for community events.

The Challenger was running solid all first half of the season with consistent 9.88’s until water started to drip out the right header.  I still haven’t had time to pull the engine to diagnose this issue but hopefully its not too serious.

The Mustang needed some serious tuning but it was our one and only sure running car this year.  I attended a school event near an airport so I was able to demonstrate my drifting abilities to the students on a closed course.  I may be ready to challenge Ken Block now….okay maybe not…but it was still a crowd pleaser.

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Sgt. Mike Wynnyk
Blue Line Racing Association  / Street Legal Program
c/o Edmonton Police Association

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