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It was great weekend at the Castrol Raceway for the “Oil Town’s Double Dozen” Chumpcar Canada Race…

As already posted we popped an engine in our first race, however we were able to do an engine swap and be back on the track with in 5 hrs. Unfortunately a pin hole leak in a frost plug cost us to pull the car off again for a repair. The race was red flagged shortly after due to lightning.

We then ran the car for the second race and were sidelined for a couple hours as the car was smoking bad. Turns out it was a bad rear main seal, after a trip to the parts store, we were back in the race.

Big shout out to the team members who not only put in wrench time to get the cars up and running, but kept our spirits up when we thought there was no hope!

Greg Siemens  – huge help with both the build of the car and keeping it on the track for the race.
Roy Wallace – A wealth of knowledge with respect racing, building cars, and overall positivity to the team!
Sanjay Muduliar – Not only was he there for the build, he was our official parts… He went to 3 places looking for a rear main seal!
Garrett Dymchuck – Arranged for the exhaust and was there for the engine swap
Ryan Richards – Huge asset at the track, not only did he get his hands dirty, he motivated the team to continue when we thought our race was over!

Because of these guys we completed the race!

This was a great experience, we will see you all at Hot August Nights, Driven and Street Legal Full throttle, I can’t wait for the next Chumpcar race!





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