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It was great weekend at the Castrol Raceway for the “Oil Town’s Double Dozen” Chumpcar Canada Race…

As already posted we popped an engine in our first race, however we were able to do an engine swap and be back on the track with in 5 hrs. Unfortunately a pin hole leak in a frost plug cost us to pull the car off again for a repair. The race was red flagged shortly after due to lightning.

We then ran the car for the second race and were sidelined for a couple hours as the car was smoking bad. Turns out it was a bad rear main seal, after a trip to the parts store, we were back in the race.

Big shout out to the team members who not only put in wrench time to get the cars up and running, but kept our spirits up when we thought there was no hope!

Greg Siemens  – huge help with both the build of the car and keeping it on the track for the race.
Roy Wallace – A wealth of knowledge with respect racing, building cars, and overall positivity to the team!
Sanjay Muduliar – Not only was he there for the build, he was our official parts… He went to 3 places looking for a rear main seal!
Garrett Dymchuck – Arranged for the exhaust and was there for the engine swap
Ryan Richards – Huge asset at the track, not only did he get his hands dirty, he motivated the team to continue when we thought our race was over!

Because of these guys we completed the race!

This was a great experience, we will see you all at Hot August Nights, Driven and Street Legal Full throttle, I can’t wait for the next Chumpcar race!





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Photo by DigitalMoments.cablue duster best final fb

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Hi all,
Well we are near the end of summer so I should give you all an update on what we’ve been up to.  This year has certainly been busy with unexpected surprises.

We were proud to display the new wrap on the truck and trailer (donated by EM Plastics, Arlon, and Fleet FX) as we rolled down the highway to our events. We received “thumbs up” from passing motorists and complements at every stop.  This has really raised the level of professionalism for the team and we conducted a few media interviews (see attached link)

We decided to make a “slight change” to the Duster by adding an Edelbrock Nitrous kit but I had no idea that this was going to be a season long challenge of tweaking and fixing…for example: the old fuel system was completely replaced with a new Aeromotive one, then the 16 year old Crane ignition finally quit working and needed a new one (but not after several hours of diagnosing).  Then I learned about nitrous bottles and how to properly fill them so to get a full run.  Once I got everything set just right, the Duster ran a 9.34 at 140mph with a  nice wheel stand for the crowd.  This lasted for 2 weekends until the 18 year old rear gears lost a few teeth from the added power.  So out came the rear end and a new set of gears is going in.  A new data logging system, donated by AEM,  is also being installed so that each run can be monitored more carefully and this will again be a new learning experience for me.

Picture1 Picture2

The surprises didn’t end with the Duster…At one Street Legal event, the Tiburon blew up the clutch and had to get towed back.  Thanks to Centerforce and Fidanza we had the car back up and mobile in a couple of weeks and ready for community events.

The Challenger was running solid all first half of the season with consistent 9.88’s until water started to drip out the right header.  I still haven’t had time to pull the engine to diagnose this issue but hopefully its not too serious.

The Mustang needed some serious tuning but it was our one and only sure running car this year.  I attended a school event near an airport so I was able to demonstrate my drifting abilities to the students on a closed course.  I may be ready to challenge Ken Block now….okay maybe not…but it was still a crowd pleaser.

For more current updates, please visit our facebook page.



Sgt. Mike Wynnyk
Blue Line Racing Association  / Street Legal Program
c/o Edmonton Police Association

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BLR has been keeping busy since our return from Mopars at the Strip. We have since started a Chumpcar project (Stay tuned, we will post photos and details soon!), and have made a few appearances.

On May 2nd 2015 we attended the UC season opener along with the 780tuners crowd. This was a huge event and it was great get out with community. It is amazing the volume of cars that made it out even in spite of the weather!

image1UC Season Opener


Also, check out the video one of the 780 members made:

On May 6, 2015 Mike and I attended a shop class at Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton, The kids were great to talk to and interact with. They were very receptive of the program and asked a lot of questions. We also handed out a few passes for Castrol Raceway for the Friday Night Street Legals.


Lastly, today, May 08, 2015 I just picked up the Tiburon from Cowan. They were kind enough to update the graphics on the Tiburon. Great Job Cowan, and thanks for the continued support!


-BLOCKER (Keane)


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Sorry it has taken me a while to update you on our experience at Mopars at the strip,
As usual it was a great opportunity to meet with other Law Enforcement Programs / Education based race teams that are all promoting the same message!
 photo Enlarge 012_zpsyuhbhqex.jpg

Big thanks again to Scott Graham of LASD Motorsports ( )
and Andy Lewis of F.I.R.E. – Las Vegas Fire Department ( ) for organizing the race.

 photo Enlarge 008_zps7ttujew3.jpg

 photo Enlarge 006_zps71rgxjxs.jpg

A few of the other teams that were out for the race:

 photo Enlarge 028_zpsb79rb2po.jpg

 photo Enlarge 029_zps71voawss.jpg

 photo Enlarge 031_zpsrxzzbgcc.jpg

I wish I could say we rocked it there, but a couple of red lights and mis-dial cause all three cars to go out in the first round. Such is life… We got a whole bunch of track time and exposure:

 photo Enlarge 038_zpscurlozaa.jpg

 photo Enlarge 015_zpsa2csa2sq.jpg

Mike and Terry even got some air time with Steve Magnante:

We event took the time to take some team photos, I just wish we could have got some palm trees in the background!

 photo Enlarge 046_zpsnl9zoctr.jpg

Thanks again to August at Edelbrock for the support!

 photo Enlarge 048_zps3chm1ujl.jpg

All and we had a great time, and got some great exposure for our program and sponsors.

Mike did a video, feel free to check it out and like us on our Facebook page.

– Keane

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Spent another long day of wrenching, however we were able to get the Aeromotive fuel system installed along withe the Edelbrock nitrous system….

Here is our first pull without Nos…

And our last pull of the night, the full shot!

Click to see video

That’s right! 651 hp / 524 ft lbs

Again, a big thanks to Utah Chassis and Machine for all the work over the past two days.


We are now on the road to Vegas!



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Yesterday was the long haul, it took us nearly 3 hrs just to get to Red Deer.

This was my view for the first three hours! Mikes truck needs some thermalblades!

Red Deer was about the last bit of snow we saw:

We made better time after that and got into Salt Lake City at about 2100

We are now spending a day or two at UCM Dyno Shop in Salt Lake…

Doing the usual beginning of the season stuff.. Oil change on the Mustang…

Can you spot the obvious sponsor placement? (Cough Cough… Mobile 1)

Oil and spark plugs on the Challenger…

Oh… And we can not forget about the Duster… A few giggles courtesy of Edelbrock!

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Well there is a tonne of snow here in Edmonton, so this is the perfect time to start another exciting year for Blue Line Racing. Mike and have the newly wrapped truck and trailer on highway 2 heading south to compete in the annual Beat the Heat competition at the Strip in Las Vegas…



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Blue Line Racing would like to welcome Profox Racing to our list of sponsors



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Photos by Don Meleshko at Digital Moments Photography

blue line racing challenger burnout fb

Photos by Don Meleshko at Digital Moments Photography

Blue line racing mustang burnout fb

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