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I just wanted to thank everyone for the support in 2012 and looking forward to a great 2013.
From us at Blue Line Racing we want to wish everyone and your families a very Merry Christmas

Sgt. Mike Wynnyk
Edmonton Police Service


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This past week I finally brought the Challenger to life and got the engine running.  Some of you know that the car had been completed by Certified Fabrication (Stormy’s Street Rods) for Hot August Night on Aug 08, but after uploading a tune into the computer, the coils lost spark when attempting to start it.  After several days of diagnostics, logging and uploads, the techs at AEM helped me get the right combination to fire the engine.  Follow this link for a quick look and listen.  I have an appointment to get the car onto the dyno later this week and then hopefully I get to test the car at the track before the end of the year.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and patience on this project.  I for one am certainly exhausted from all the hours spent but I will not give up until it sees the race track.  All of you know that building a car doesn’t happen overnight, but this build just seemed to be one obstacle after the next.  Every little piece had to be fabricated or “massaged” into place and few parts were actually bolt in.  I have attached a few photos of the finished engine and interior.

– Mike Wynnyk

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Digital Moments Photography sent over some awesome pictures of us at Rocky Mountain Nationals!
Digital Moments Photography
Thank you Digital Moments!
Blue Line Racing / Digital Moments Photography








Blue Line Racing / Digital Moments Photography
Blue Line Racing / Digital Moments Photography
Check out more of Digital Moments Photography’s photos from the Rocky Mountain Nationals here!
Digital Moments Photography

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About, Events

well its been a while since there has been an update, but we just wanted to let you know that we are very close to completing the Challenger. Between shows and events, the car has been at Stormy’s Street Rods getting all the necessary pieces (fuel system, cooling system, transmission and drivetrain) Next, myself with a couple of volunteers tackled the entire wiring of the car. Thank God for Google, and the great tech help from AEM, who saved me countless hours of guessing. Attached are some photos of the car, and its hard to tell, but a lot of small details took a large amount of fabricating time. If all goes well, we should be firing the car later this week and running a dyno session as well. The proposed debut of the Challenger will be on Wednesday August 8 at Castrol Raceway for Hot August Night. We will keep you posted on the final progress.  

As for the rest of the program, the Duster has been running very consistently at 10.01, 10.03, etc. on the few times we’ve managed to get to the track. We have been busy at all sorts of community events with a nice display at Edmonton Indy this year. I purchased a stacker trailer last fall and it has really come in handy with logistics.  

The Mustang received the new engine and clutch, and on the 2nd pass down the track at the Rocky Mtn Nationals the transmission piled up the 1/2 and 2/3 syncros. It, too, is in the shop getting repaired in order to be ready for Hot August Night. The Mustang received some new decalling and it looks fresh.  

We are booked every weekend in August, and have been invited down to Salt Lake City in September. We will hopefully get our website updated with the schedule. I will also be uploading video and photos of the Challenger and the rest of the cars making passes down the track.  

We will be back soon with an update….  

Sgt. Mike Wynnyk  

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This is a web-site featuring the original factory brochures for nearly every American car you have ever owned.
Pick the manufacturer, the year and the model.



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Many people have asked me about the EPS Harleys and how can they purchase them. Well here is the news and you can pass this on to whoever may be interested……


Harleys going to auction!
10-Sep-2011 12:00
Event Type: Recreational – Social
Location: Reids Auction Edmonton Limited, 11480 -156 Street
EPS Harley’s on the auction block!


September 10, 2011 – 4 motorcycles will be auctioned.
September 24, 2011 – 7 motorcycles will be auctioned.


Reids Auction Edmonton Limited
11480-156 Street
Edmonton AB


Phone: 780-488-3300
Please refer to Reid’s website for preview and auction times.
For more information/specifications, please visit the City of Edmonton’s Upcoming Public Auctions page.

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The Duster had the 418 engine which had just made 677hp on the dyno and ran a best of 10.02.  As you can see from the photo the rain was threatening us all day but it managed to stay away from the track.  You can see some videos of the car on You Tube and type in Blue Line Racing.

The Challenger has been brought back home, however, it was not completed after 14 months of being in California.  Despite this, we still made appearances with the car at a couple of major events in the Edmonton area.  We are moving forward on this project ourselves and I recently picked up a new 7.0L engine for it.  I will be working on the car this fall and winter and will display it fully finished in beginning of next year.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Blue Line gets it’s own mini dicasts!

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The Blue Line Racing team had a very busy season both displaying and behind the scenes. Our season began in January at the Edmonton Auto Show where we had on display the Challenger, Mustang and Tiburon. We were selling our die cast replicas of the Challenger which were made by Green Light Collectables. The next couple of months were filled with school displays and community appearances.

Over the winter we had negotiated a deal with SMS Supercars in Corona, CA to finish the Challenger. In April, the Challenger was transported down to California where it is currently still sitting. They are to build and install a supercharged hemi engine, plumb and wire the car, and finish any other necessary components to complete the car. JW supplied the transmission and other manufacturers (TTI Headers and AEM) are within a couple of blocks of the car and have joined in the efforts to finish the Challenger in time for the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Mickey Thompson has provided us with space to display the car at this show.

Our racing season kicked off in May at both Castrol Raceway (drag racing) and Statotech Park (road course) and the cars performed very well. The Street Legal Drags component at Castrol Raceway saw record attendance for early in the season. The Team travelled around Alberta with the cars, Lethbridge down south, Lloydminster and Provost out east and Drayton Valley. One trip to the USA was to Spokane Raceway Park at the end of July, where we presented the Street Legal Program to the Spokane Police Dept. and made exhibition runs down the track in front of a great crowd. We even made front page in the Spokane Review!

The Duster, however, took the tranny out after the first night and sat in the pits as a static display. Once returned home, the spare trans was installed and the Duster was back on the track for the next weekend. For the most part, we ran our cars as an exhibition program this year, and were always greated with smiles and handshakes. The organizers gave us premium pit space, putting us front and center to the spectators. (maybe thats why we went thru 5000 picture cards) We would lilke to send out a special thank you to Bob and Alex Michaud for lending us the use of their stacker trailer for a few of the shows. This made logistics very easy to get all of our cars to one venue.

Other displays included; Stollery Children’s Hospital, Brain Injury Awareness, Chiefs of Police Conference, and Edmonton Indy. All in all, we made 54 appearances to excess of 500,000 people.



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